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First Thanksgiving turkey

Daughter's first sight of a cooked turkey made her mouth water.

Little girl eats Thanksgiving turkey dinner in the 1950s.“Our family moved to California in the spring of 1948, and for the next few years, things were rather tough,” relates Gordon Kellen of Fontana.

“But by Thanksgiving 1953, things had become a bit better and, for the first time ever, our 3-year-old daughter, Susan, saw a cooked turkey. She could hardly wait for the feast, which we all enjoyed.”

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Dolly June 26, 2013 at 9:00 pm

I have to ask, did her parents live in a cave? I grew up in the 50′s hon. Gordon , I grew up in Redlands. My family moved from the South to California, so I can’t believe life was so mind boggling.


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