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The 1950s

Do you remember the golden age of the 1950s? Read and share your own memories of the time when fashion meant twinsets, music was rock ‘n’ roll, movies were at the drive-in, and Elvis ruled the radio.

1940s REM November N&D Washing Machine

The Wonders of Our First Fancy Washing Machine

During the ’40s and ’50s, in Columbia, South Carolina, our comfortable home was always “open ...

1950s grandma holding monkey

Kissed by a Monkey!

My grandkids and I have a tradition of playing a question game we made up. ...

1950s couple's wedding day

How We Met: It All Started at the Gas Station

In 1954, my mother, Frances Orem, worked at an all-girl gas station near Fairchild Air ...

1950s vintage pie ads

Vintage Ads: “We Do The Work, You Bake The Pie!”

As temperatures drop, nothing beats the warmth and aroma of a fresh, home‑baked pie. Featuring ...

1950s aunt ida at work

Aunt Ida Rang the Town

1950s, Pennsylvania: During every single summer until my 11th year, I spent most of my ...


The Tiki Craze That Swept the ’60s

By Leah Wynalek In the 1950s and ’60s, escaping to paradise was easy—all you had ...

1930s delivery

Your Heartwarming Memories of True Christmas Kindness

MY PARENTS, at the height of the Depression, were forced to go on home relief, ...

1900s-1920s mailroom

Your True Christmas Miracle Moments

  The Mail Train Brought a Life-Changing Message MY MOTHER told me this story from ...