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The 1950s

Do you remember the golden age of the 1950s? Read and share your own memories of the time when fashion meant twinsets, music was rock ‘n’ roll, movies were at the drive-in, and Elvis ruled the radio.

1900s-1920s mailroom

Your True Christmas Miracle Moments

  The Mail Train Brought a Life-Changing Message MY MOTHER told me this story from ...

1950s high school reunion october REM

My Surprise High School Reunion While Stationed in Korea

When I was stationed in Korea in 1952, I served with the 13th Engineer Combat ...

1950s Thanksgiving celebration, 1960s

Capturing Thanksgiving Through Your Pictures and Memories

Thanksgiving traditions, parades and turkeys sparked these family memories from the late 1950s and early 1960s....

1950s piece of the past

Lucky Brass Button: From Custer to Vietnam

My family is full of arrowhead collectors who are always scanning the ground for interesting ...

1950s layered with love

Nona’s Lasagna Recipe: Layered With Love

I grew up in the kitchen with my mother, Cosmo, and my grandmother Josephine. As ...

1940s one cool cat october REM

My Dad Served as a “Black Cat” in World War II

I followed Dad through our basement to his file cabinet. He pulled out a large ...


Cowboy in Training

I dreamed of being a cowboy like Roy Rogers and Gene Autry when I was ...

1940s Photo: Michael Ochs Archives/Corbis

Which Old Horror Movies Scared You Most?

Knowing my fear of darkness and all that dwells within, I have no idea why ...